Generator rewinding and generator winding repair

Rewinding and winding repair of generators

Damage to the windings of generators primarily occurs as a result of damage to the winding insulation or wear of bearings. Depending on the situation and the extent of the damage, it can be repaired on site or the existing winding must be replaced with a new winding of the generator.

For generators with a unit weight of up to 20 tons, we offer the following services for low-voltage and medium-voltage windings:

  • Stator windings:
    • round wire winding
    • three-phase form coil winding, profile wire winding
    • rotor windings
  • Rotor windings / armature winding:
    • three phase slip ring winding, bar winding, round wire winding
    • DC armature winding
    • rotor windings
    • special windings

Take advantage of our other generator repair services as well:

  • repair of sheet metal packages
  • commutator repairs
  • vacuum pressure impregnation (Iso.Stoff.-Cl. H)
  • balancing at rotors up to 10 tons, Lmax 6.000 mm, Dmax 2.100 mm

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