Maintenance service for generators of all types

Generator maintenance

Use our maintenance service for all types of generators. Thanks to our regular, professionally carried out maintenance work, you benefit from optimal operating and maintenance costs for your generators. The probability of a fault is minimized and the availability of your system is maximized accordingly.

We carry out the following maintenance work on generators for you:

  • Bearing replacement (rolling bearings and plain bearings), plain bearing reconditioning
  • Checking the slot wedging, re-wedging (individual slots or on the complete stator winding)
  • Re-insulation of the rotor pole coils
  • Alignment check incl. laser-optical correction in case of misalignment
  • Measurement of insulation resistance
  • Measurement of the polarisation index (PI)
  • Surge voltage test of windings (to detect insulation faults and winding shorts)
  • Cleaning and re-impregnation of the generator windings
  • Dry ice cleaning with CO2
  • Recommissioning of the plant with production data acquisition
  • and much more.

To prevent or detect generator bearing damage and bearing wear at an early stage, we recommend a regular SPM bearing condition analysis (shock pulse measurement).

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