Modernization and retrofitting of generator plants

Retrofit for generators

It is not always necessary to completely renew aging generator systems. Targeted modernization measures are often sufficient to bring older systems back up to the current state of the art.

With our retrofit concepts for controls, switchgear, generators and motors, we make your plant fit again for the next years of operation. The main advantages of targeted retrofitting and retrofit measures are:

  • increased production capacity
  • reduced maintenance and energy costs
  • higher reliability and availability
  • longer service life of the plant

Higher productivity at comparatively low costs

In contrast to a new installation, the investment costs for retrofitting are significantly lower. By replacing obsolete components, supplementing and retrofitting the plant with latest technology (e.g. programmable logic controllers), a higher degree of automation and thus greater efficiency is achieved.

Use the retrofitting potential of your existing system and discover the possibilities with us.

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