State-of-the-art measuring and testing devices for generators

Technical equipment

We have the latest special, measuring and testing equipment to carry out the work and measurements required on site on generators. For example:

  • Datalogger: measurement data acquisition device for the recording and acquisition of transient processes and for long-term measurements.
  • Relay and multifunctional substation test system (Megger)
  • Tester for checking the insulation resistance of windings (Megger)
  • Measuring devices for tangent delta and polarization index (PI) determination
  • SPM (Shock Pulse Method) measuring devices for reliable checking of bearing condition and measurement of vibrations
  • 3-phase power analyser for recording all electrical measured variables
  • SKF laser unit for shaft alignment

For maintenance work on site, we have the necessary tools at our disposal to remove generators professionally and, for example, to change bearings. This includes, for example:

  • hydraulic pressing tools for pulling off the couplings and bearings
  • cable pulls, chain hoists and mobile cranes
Measuring instruments